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setting up your home office

In these challenging times a lot of us are having to re adjust our working patterns. Many having to 'set up office' at home.

By creating an environment that is comfortable and nurturing you will be at your most productive.


Wether you have a whole dedicated room or just a nook, choose an area with the least distractions. ie the lounge coffee table in front of the TV is not such a great idea!


A location with plenty of natural light is essential for comfort and mood. Position your desk in front of a window if possible.


The main components of your home office are simply a desk and a comfy chair. Size depending on requirements and space. You can be creative with your desk...... picking up something from Buy & Sell and up-cycling or re-purposing those timber pellets can make the project fun and rewarding!


Creating your own little retreat to work from will assist with fatigue and production. Have the tunes playing from your favourite play list.

If you don't have a window with a view to look out to, think about getting yourself a fish bowl or a little table top water fountain. Water has a very relaxing/de stressing affect on our minds.


Research suggest that having green plants near your computer help alleviate eye strain. Plants also promote healthy air...... Mother in Law Tongue plants are great for filtering out air pollutants, in particular formaldehyde. These are a non expensive choice..... or Grandma's garden is sure to have some!


You want to create a de-cluttered work space so you do not feel overwhelmed. Have on your desk only the necessities for the task your completing. If you don't have draws or shelves use baskets to put files etc in you are not using.

Make sure you have a diary, to do list, planner - whatever works best for you. Prioritise your list and attack one at a time! (should listen to my own advice!!)

Have fun putting your home office together and may you be successful and productive!

Take care....... Jakki x

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